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V-Source Office & Marketing LLC maintains a solid brand reputation where clients benefit from professionally developed marketing and direct sales-oriented customer-centric digital campaigns that grow long-term business relationships and sustain profitability.

Our firm is founded on the principle of giving good advice and being accurate.

In my leadership role as CEO at V-Source Office & Marketing LLC, I oversee our daily operational and organizational processes, interview, recruit and staff our illustrious remote workforce with skilled Virtual Assistants (VA) that deliver our world-class service by freelancing for our global client companies.

As a Consultant in an Advisory role, clients can count on Me and the entire V-Source Office & Marketing LLC staff; as a Strategic Partner, here to help clients keep business commitments. Reward your business, as a client, with the incentive of having a partner in your business that knows what needs to be done.

We market the right service and recommend products that meet the needs of Entrepreneurs and Professionals in today’s world.

Our Strategic Partnership business model allows V-Source Office & Marketing LLC an advantage in today's B2Business market.

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    CEO Advisor
    CEO Advisor at V-Source Office & Marketing LLC

Valencia Sims, CEO


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CEO Advisor
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